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Illustration of a hybrid vessel in-situ - Credit: Brødrene Aa

Case study – Challenges of a hybrid/electric sightseeing vessel

In recent years, there has been a global movement towards zero-emission solutions. The maritime industry is no exception. We can only commend governments, environmental organisations, and businesses increasingly investing in sustainable...

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Propulsion system render

5 important things to consider when choosing a propulsion manufacturer

Are you unsure of what technology to aim for in a changing maritime market? Looking to get the most out of your investment and vessel when choosing a...

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Future of propulsion technology: How to stay competitive in 2030

When you are looking to the future, it is easy to be blinded by the potential of new technology. However, more revealing than the hardware itself, is...

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Boat going fast

How your components and equipment's weight impacts your performance

In the maritime industry, where efficiency, performance, and environmental considerations are paramount, the weight of a vessel's propulsion system...

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inspection of gear box of vessel

How to limit downtime and cost with proper maintenance on your vessel

Any operator knows the importance of maintenance. Of course, quality maintenance is important, but that relies on more than just maintaining the...

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The hybrid CTV HST Ella

Benefits of hybrid CTV – HST Ella

In today’s maritime industry, there is an increasing demand for innovative and eco-friendly solutions. These should not only meet the current...

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medstraum fast ferry

Revolutionizing Green Transport - The Medstraum Ferry

Introduction In today’s maritime industry there is an increased demand for innovative and eco-friendly solutions that not only meet the current...

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windcat wind farm vessel

Why CPPs are the preferred choice for wind farm vessels

The propulsion system is without doubt an important part of any vessel, including wind farm vessels. Choosing the wrong propulsion system can have...

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Fast ferry coast line

The most valuable energy is the one you do not use

In today’s marked there is a collective strive towards zero emissions. It is therefore not surprising that many are exploring how to build vessels,...

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twisted rudder propulsion system high speed vessel

Why Twist Your Rudder

The propulsion system of any vessel is considered an important investment; it can increase the ability to compete in the market, improve...

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