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The most valuable energy is the one you do not use

In today’s marked there is a collective strive towards zero emissions. It is therefore not surprising that many are exploring how to build vessels, or optimize existing vessels, so they run on green energy sources. 

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twisted rudder propulsion system high speed vessel

Why Twist Your Rudder

The propulsion system of any vessel is considered an important investment; it can increase the ability to compete in the market, improve effectiveness and reduce operational costs.

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Seastreak Wall Street

The Seastreak 'Wall Street' Fast Ferry and How they Reduced Operational Cost and CO2 Emissions

Seastreak is a ferry service between New Jersey and New York City, and entered service at the early 2000’s. The fast ferry was originally delivered with four diesel engines and four water jet drives.

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High speed vessel in nature

Efficient Propulsion in a Green Environment, What are the Options?

Consider this; if you can reduce energy consumption by 30% due to the propulsion system, there is a 30% reduction in energy cost, and a 30% reduction in pollution.

Today, there is a collective strive towards zero emissions, causing the price of releasing...

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Controllable Pitch Propeller (CPP) for vessels

Potential fuel saving in converting from Water Jet to CPP

Because of its link to the overall performance of the vessel, the propulsion system is doubtlessly an important part of any vessel. The three most frequently used propulsion systems are the Water Jet (WJ), the Fixed Pitch Propeller (FP) and the...

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vessel on water

What is important when selecting propulsion technology

In order to choose the right propulsion system, it is important to consider the different variables or characteristics that are significant to your vessel´s specific mission or operational profile. In light of this, we have outlined 8 performance...

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high-speed vessel in a fjord

How to Reduce the Operational Cost of Your High-Speed Vessel

The maritime industry is highly competitive. Consequently, there is constant pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency. In this article we will discuss where most high-speed vessels can find the best opportunity for reducing operational costs.

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high speed vessel in a fjord

Welcome to the Propulsion Academy

Servogear is proud to introduce you to The Propulsion Academy. Our ambition is to develop this blog into becoming a trusted source of knowledge within propulsion systems for high-speed vessels. Here, you will find insights that can help you optimize your...

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