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Welcome to the Propulsion Academy

Welcome to the Propulsion Academy

Servogear is proud to introduce you to The Propulsion Academy. Our ambition is to develop this blog into becoming a trusted source of knowledge within propulsion systems for high-speed vessels. Here, you will find insights that can help you optimize your vessel’s performance.

As a maritime professional, you know that the propulsion system is without doubt an important part of any vessel, as it is highly linked to overall performance. An inappropriate propulsion system can lead to lower speed, damage, noise and poor operating/fuel economy.

Consequently, the propulsion system of any vessel is considered an important investment which can increase the ability to compete in the marked, improve operational efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Through this blog, Servogear aims to make the industry best practices available to you, along with research and recommendations to help you achieve maximum vessel performance.



The content herein is primarily crafted for maritime professionals such as ship owners, ship designers and technical inspectors. Furthermore, it is written particularly for high-speed vessels such as: Fast ferries, workboats, multipurpose-vessels, yachts, sightseeing/tourism vessels, & patrol vessels.

In order to meet your high expectations, I am proud to invite some of our most experienced professionals to contribute as authors on this blog.

This blog will give our friends, followers and customers the opportunity to take part in Servogear's experience and knowledge, which has been accumulated since the company was founded in Leif Magnus Endresen’s basement of his family home in 1973.



We know that cost-efficient, environment-friendly and safe operations are crucial to our clients.

However, there is no such thing as designing the perfect vessel. Instead, it is all about finding the right balance between different performance parameters. It is through this game of compromising, the ship designers manage to create a vessel optimized for its specific operational style.

The cheapest, cleanest energy is the one we will never use

Ever since our very beginning, in 1973 it has always been about going that extra mile, for Servogear. We have always been looking for new ways to optimize our systems in order to reach a higher grade of efficiency. This is our core, and this is where we have our greatest knowledge. There is no rocket science to it, it is all about optimizing what we already know. With all our knowledge and experience combined, we will try and share some of our experiences with you, and as such, energy optimization will be a reoccurring theme on this blog.

Servogear's mission is to add value to our customers by providing insights into the different propulsion systems and performance parameters. Our aim is to help you get into a positive design circle.

Therefore, we launch this blog with selected articles related to propulsion technology such as:

Attached to every article, you will find pieces of in-depth knowledge you can download for free, like:

About once every month, our experts will continue to publish knowledge articles to the blog.

With nearly 50 years of operation, we have gathered a second-to-none knowledge base in-house in Servogear wit regards to different subjects around our core technology. In order to deliver the most efficient propulsion system, we need to take advantage of our experts on hull-design, hydro dynamics, propeller theory as well as electronics and data control. All of which now will share from their knowledge to help you optimize your vessel. 



As we continue to build this blog, we’ll also create more specific content around the specific systems and components, and how they can improve your efficiency, reduce operational costs and increase your ability to compete in the market.

A blog like this will also, by its social nature, become a place to interact with our customers and business partners. We look forward to taking your feedback into consideration as we move ahead.

I personally encourage you to visit the Propulsion Academy regularly. And do feel free to contact us for more information!

Please consider subscribing and engaging in discussions in the comments field below. Feel free to share and comment our articles on social media like LinkedIn and its dedicated discussion groups.

Thank you for reading, visiting, and contributing to building a better industry.

Vermund Hjelland

Managing Director, Servogear AS




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